Is Drug Or Alcohol Abuse Wreaking Havoc Your Life?
Is your drug or alcohol use starting to feel out of control? Are you worried that what was once normal use has crossed the line over into abuse or even addiction? Perhaps you’ve suffered consequences related to your substance abuse, such as losing your job, spouse or your family’s or friends’ respect? Or maybe your health or general wellbeing has begun to be affected by your substance use. Are your cravings overwhelming? Do you think about using constantly? Do you wish you could stop using or at least control your use, but all your attempts fail, keeping you stuck in the same cycle of destruction?

Perhaps the consequences of your drug or alcohol abuse have become too significant to ignore. Maybe you feel like you have to smoke or drink before work or school just to manage the tasks of the day, and have been concealing your use from coworkers, friends, family, your spouse or your partner.

Living with drug and alcohol addiction can be an isolating and turbulent experience. Prioritizing drugs or alcohol over everything else and can cause you to disconnect from family and friends and elicit feelings of anxiety, depression, shame and isolation. Maybe you have to conceal your use to family members, friends and coworkers, and fear that the reality of your addiction may harm the security of your job or the bond of your relationships. Maybe you want to stop or limit your use but don’t feel like you can because you’re surrounded by people that also use and encourage your use.

You Are Not Alone
Many people experience, and battle, substance addiction. With two states legalizing marijuana and the immense availability of alcohol, it can be incredibly difficult to place yourself in an environment that doesn’t foster a culture of substance use. We also live in a society that likes “quick fixes.” Often, once we have found something that works for us, that makes us zone out and relieve everyday stress, we make a habit of using that as a method to cope. However, making a habit of using drugs or alcohol as that “quick fix” can damage to your brain and negatively impact all of the elements that sustain the wellbeing of your life. If your substance use has impaired your ability maintain relationships, your job performance, health, or other general functions, substance abuse treatment can help. In therapy you can learn about the nature of addiction and develop the tools and skills to you need to work toward recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Can Provide You With Guidance, Support And Relief
In informative, guided and supportive sessions, I can help you learn how substance abuse and addiction affects your brain and behavior. My practice is completely individualized and problem-solving focused. During our early sessions we create a treatment plan specific to your behaviors and goals. Whether you are seeking complete abstinence or are looking to simply decrease your use, we can work toward a solution that considers your short and long term goals, keeping in mind your past relationship with the substance. My approach can provide you with the tools you’ll need to manage your cravings and urges. When you feel triggered to use or abuse your substance of choice you will have ways to cope with stress and effectively work through the urge without using. These coping mechanisms to draw from will make you less likely to relapse. Depending on what your goals or motivations are with treating your addiction, I may recommend a 12-step support group program.

In our sessions, we will also work together to uncover elements that both cause and sustain your substance abuse. We have to get to the underlying root of where the emotions are coming from and so you can learn how to manage them. We will divulge what emotions, traumas and other issues keep your addiction activated. We can explore what your core beliefs are about yourself and the world and how these feelings keep you stuck. Together, in therapy, we will work toward a solution that works best for you. In the end, when you have experienced a period of sobriety it will have all been well worth it.

Substance abuse treatment can be a difficult road, but it can help you become the person you want to be. Wherever you’re at in your abuse or addiction, we can devise a strategy that addresses your behaviors and works toward your personal goals. With the help and support of an experienced psychologist, a solid recovery plan and active steps on your part healing is possible.

But, you still may have questions or concerns about substance abuse counseling.

I have quit and relapsed before. How will substance abuse treatment with you be different?
Relapse doesn’t mean you’re a failure. That just means you have to start from square-one at the beginning of your recovery process. Full recovery is doable, but it can also be a slow and trying process. You can begin again by setting short-term goals, such as trying not to smoke or drink for two days. When you reach your mark, reward yourself by saying, “I can do this.” The longer you are able to sustain abstinence from your addiction the better you will feel. I can provide you with the means you need to sustain sobriety. I can help you feel better.
Often the environment I’m in encourages my substance abuse. How can you help me control urges in these situations?
If you are constantly surrounded by peers that encourage substance use you may need to change your environment. Although I will provide you with tools to combat urges, you also need to set yourself up for success. During our sessions I can help you develop boundaries that prioritize your recovery. If your spouse or other people you live with also use substances, I may ask that your spouse or housemates also seek substance abuse treatment.

I fear withdrawal symptoms and not being able to stop. It’s very common to have fears about withdrawal and not being able to stop. During our sessions we will work toward getting to the root of your fear while developing strategies to manage it. These strategies to mitigate your urges while uncovering elements that both cause and sustain your substance abuse. We can get to the underlying root of where the emotions are coming from, and then learn how to manage them.

Take Back Control of Your Life
You don’t have to navigate your substance abuse issues on your own. Please seek substance abuse treatment today by calling (520) 326-5761 emailing me at I am happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have about substance abuse treatment and/or my practice.