Are You Engaging in Sexual Activities that Feel Out Of Your Control?
Are you preoccupied with sexual thoughts, wanting to cut down but unable to resist your desires? Perhaps you spend considerable amounts of time in activities related to sex, such as cruising online for new partners or spending hours viewing pornography. Maybe you pursue these activities in lieu of work or time with your family. Do you harbor a fear of being found out, and feel irritable when you’re unable to engage in sexual activities? Does the amount of time you spend searching for your next release feel shameful? Do you wish you could control or limit your sexual urges but don’t know how to stop?

Living with sex addiction can be a shameful, isolating and worrisome experience. Concealing your behavior or hurting the ones love you can cause feelings of separation and guilt. You may be consumed with incessant sexual thoughts and are constantly seeking out your next sexual partner or release. The anticipation or thrill may be exhilarating, but once it is over, you may feel consumed with shame, feel inadequate and fear that you will be found out. Or maybe you’ve been found out, and now you’re terrified you’ll lose your partner, family or job. You may have tried to control unwanted sexual behavior in the past, but the excitement and anticipation of sexual release is too overwhelming.

You Are Not Alone In Your Compulsive Sexual Behavior
Many adults, both men and women, experience sexual dependency. In today’s modern society especially, it can feel impossible to escape easy access to pornography, hook-up sites and other fetishes. Because these habits often produce feelings of isolation and shame, many sex addicts lead a double life, concealing their habits with secret email addresses, devices and passwords.

Sex addiction is a commonly diagnosed and treatable disorder. If you’re wondering if your sexual behavior is “normal,” consider how it affects your life. Are your sexual habits causing harm to your marriage or relationship, professional life and/or personal wellbeing? If so, it may be time to seek professional guidance to explore and treat your compulsion. Seeking sex addiction treatment means owning up to problematic behavior and taking back control of your life. I am here to help you become accountable for and overcome compulsory behavior. With guidance and support you can live the life that you always wanted– an authentic life of integrity.

Sex Addiction Treatment Can Provide You With Support, Guidance, Tools And Relief
I foster a safe and non-judgmental environment, promoting honesty and accountability as you begin to better understand, explore and address your specific behaviors. Compulsory sexual behavior inundates the brain with desire. In order to treat this condition and address related issues, I can coach you through a period of abstinence to relieve your neurologic pathways of anxiety and craving.

I am a certified sex addiction psychologist with a doctorate in clinical psychology. During my training I was mentored by Dr. Patrick Carnes, a leader in the field of modern sex addiction therapy research. At my practice, I utilize Dr. Patrick Carnes’ task-centered approach to interpersonal therapy and relapse prevention. During our initial session, we first will identify harmful behaviors and then formulate a treatment plan specific to healing that behavior. For example, if you’re a pornography addict, we would discuss and implement methods to avoid the easily accessible pornography culture, such as placing the computer in a well-trafficked area, blocking mobile devices from pornographic sites and working toward full disclosure. Although full disclosure can be painful, honest dialogue is typically vital to recovery. We have to first identify the behavior, acknowledge how it is harmful and then work toward healing.

With the support and guidance of an experienced and compassionate psychologist combined with your willingness to commit to and engage in the sex addiction treatment process, you can find significant, lasting relief. It is possible to better understand and address your compulsive behavior and make meaningful changes that can improve your relationships, including the one you have with yourself. It’s true that sex addiction treatment requires focus, diligence and hard work, but, healing is possible. You can live an authentic and connected life.

You still may have questions or concerns about sex addiction treatment…
I fear that full disclosure may harm my relationship.
Working toward honesty is a really important aspect for confronting and handling your behavior. Say for example, you were not honest throughout therapy and your partner finds something out down the road. That could be a deal breaker, right? The real question here is who do you want to be? Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be interactive and satisfied with your partner or future partners? Being honest allows you to take responsibility for your behavior with a partner who is aware and supportive of your recovery. Sex addiction therapy is typically highly effective for those who are consistent with and committed to their rehabilitation. Honesty plays a significant role in this process.

Will sex addiction treatment diminish my sex drive?
Sex is normal, but sexual behavior that causes shame, harm, relationship distress, chronic affairs and secrets can require professional intervention. If you are living in a state of constant shame and have lost control, it may mean you’re dealing with a serious addiction. Compulsory sexual behavior damages the brain and damages your life, but during our sessions I can provide you with tools to correct this behavior. In therapy, I will coach you through a 90 day abstinence period, which heals the neural pathways that have been compromised by compulsive urges. This program isn’t meant to remove sexual drive; it is meant to provide you with the tools to become the person you want to be.
I’ve heard that sex addiction treatment can be expensive and take a lot of time.
I encourage you to take a moment and think about how much money and time you’ve already spent advancing your addiction. Perhaps time that should have been spent with family was instead was spent in isolation on the computer viewing pornography. Maybe money was spent at hotels concealing affairs or on hookup sites or at adult sex shops. You may have spent days, months or even years feeling ashamed, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed by your addiction, constantly plotting avenues for your next release. You have already spent so much money and time on your addiction. Sex addiction therapy provides a way to eradicate this behavior — the shame, unnecessary spending, damage to your relationship and family — and allows you to begin becoming the healthy, in-control person you’ve always wanted to be.

Take Back Control of Your Life
If you are struggling with sex addiction you are not alone. You can recover. It may take hard work, but in the end you can live the life you have always wanted, a life of honor and honesty. Together, we can address the pain compulsory sexual behavior has caused you, your spouse or your family and work toward creating meaningful, lasting change.

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