Whether you or your relationship are struggling with problems relating to multiple affairs, compulsive pornography use, or online sex, problems with alcohol or drugs, or more general relationship problems, I can help. I have specialized training in issues relating to substance abuse, sexual addiction, and unhappy relationships. With me, you’ll find a place where you can openly discuss the problems in your life in a way that promotes your own growth and healing. Contact me today to begin your journey to happy and healthy relationships.

Help for Sex Addiction

We will work to understand the problematic areas of your addiction. Whether it be pornography use, sex outside of the relationship, or any other sexual problem, we will make it understandable, and help you through the crisis of betrayal and hurt. We then work immediately to help you build a plan so that you don’t return to these behaviors. In time, you’ll gain a better understanding of how you got into the situation that you’re in, and be able to help you and your partner heal.

If you’re a partner of a sex or pornography addict, I can help you as well. We can help you process the emotions that you’re dealing with, so that they can feel validated, but you don’t have to feel stuck in them. We’ll also help you establish boundaries, so that you won’t end up in this situation again. This period in your life can feel extremely vulnerable, but couples can heal from this.

Help for Substance Abuse

If you’re contending with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, I can help you establish and maintain sobriety. Together, we’ll identify triggers to using, and help you create a plan so that you don’t end up using again. If you’ve had a relapse, therapy can help with this as well. We can process the situation that occurred in a way that isn’t shaming. This will make it easier to understand and prevent future relapses from occurring.