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I specialize in providing help for problems
with sexual compulsivity, pornography addiction, relationship problems,
and substance abuse.
Recovery for individuals and couples who are looking to build healthy sexual
relationships, and heal from a loss of trust and betrayal.
Deciding on a therapist can be intimidating. I believe this intimidation keeps many people from seeking out the help that they need. It is important to me that this process be as easy as possible for you. Together we will walk through the pain that you are currently facing in your life. We will navigate through relationship problems in a practical way. We will work to understand the basis of your addiction so that you can learn to control it. I can help you deal with many difficult situations in your life. Contact me today to see how I can help you with any of the following issues in your life:

  • Regaining trust and intimacy in relationships.
  • Coping with a loss.
  • Handling stress and controlling worry and fear.
  • Controlling sexually compulsive behavior.
  • Abstaining from alcohol and drugs.
  • Coping with a family member who is dealing with addiction.
  • Controlling anger or violent behavior.
  • Handling conflict with others in a more effective way.
  • Dealing with the balancing act of work and raising a family.

  • I understand the apprehension that makes contacting a psychologist difficult to follow through with. When you contact me, rest assured that I will provide you with a place where you can discuss the issues in your life openly. If either of us feel as though we are not a good match for each other, I will be happy to send you in a direction where another professional may be a better match. Either way, I highly suggest you continue to make this commitment in your life and health.

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    Dr. Shannon Sticken is a Tucson psychologist who has been specifically trained in techniques on ways to deal with issues relating to sex addiction, substance abuse, and anxiety and depression.

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